Tuesday 16 June 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Material Wants

1. A new phone. A Samsung Tocco, to be precise.
2. More of this nail varnish. I've had the red stuff on since Friday and there are no chips yet.
3. A gardener. It needs weeding. I can't be bothered.
4. One of those growing roof thingies for the garage, instead of the cracked, leaking asbestos we have at the moment.
5. A couple of pretty lever arch files and a clipboard - preferably something in a bright colour, with (guess what) polka dots.
6. A Nintendo DSi. Not a great deal of point in me owning one because I wouldn't use it ever so often - but I would use it on all my travels, which are extensive.
7. A pair of walking boots. This is more of a requirement, given that I'm planning Yosemite hikes.
8. Some more Galatea yarn from Yarn d'Amour, in Skye Blue, so I can add sleeves and less of a daring neckline to the tank top I'm making and wear it as a sweater instead (yarn this soft should be next to the skin, imo).
9. A new easy chair for my classroom, to replace the one the caretaker made me bin after it was covered in smashed window glass last year. These days were made for sitting in the sun on my fire escape.
10. New shoes. Any new shoes will do, as long as they fit and are comfy and pretty. Shoes are always on the wishlist.

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