Monday 15 June 2009

Recent FO

I was going to try and pass it off as a weekend FO but I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago and only just got round to writing about it.

Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero
Needle: 5mm Knitpicks
Yarn: Patons Smoothie DK in a gorgeous red shade - the colour is quite true in the picture even though my skin looks like I had a nasty accident with fake tan (which, incidentally, I don't use, because it makes me smell like feet). I bought 8 balls in an online sale and the stuff goes FAR - this only used a little over one ball.
Mods: I did k2tbl instead of skpsso or whatever it is. I hate that decrease. k2tbl looks so much neater.

I knitted this in a fit of pique, when I realised I had knitted the whole back of the cardigan I wanted to knit at the wrong gauge and probably wouldn't have time to rip it and knit it correctly. I decided I would knit this bolero in a day so that I had a back up - but I got bored with it after about 75% was completed so it actually took 5 days, and then it was Rav day and the new gorgeous blue yarn came into my life and the red cardigan has been temporarily forgotten about - though now I come to think of it, I would like it for my summer holidays.

I wore it over a new stripey dress to my friend Beccy's wedding this weekend and thought I'd get a nicer picture out of it, but sadly Mr Z put his camera away before I put the bolero on, so you'll have to put up with the grainy camera shot for now.

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