Friday 21 August 2009

Attack of the stupids

I decided to dye one of my dresses today. I bought it in the Boden sale last summer and also have it in black - I wanted a blue one, but they only had red left by the time I got to the sale. So I bought it anyway, because it's such a lovely fit and so comfy. I really love these dresses.

Trouble was, even though I love red, as a dress on my generous frame there was a lot of red. Maybe even *gasp* too much. So I decided to dye it a darker colour. I bought some machine dye in blue, figuring the dress (100% cotton) would come out purple and everybody would be happy.

I started this project this morning. I laid the dress out and took a before picture.

Then I opened the washing machine and put the machine dye in it, and turned around to grab the dress...whereupon the bagel, which I had forgotten was toasting in the machine underneath the dress, popped.

Yes, I burned the back of my dress out. On a frigging toaster.

And worse still, since I had already put all the machine dye in there and had nothing else to dye, I had to run the cycle with my now-ruined dress and got to see the awesome purple colour it went, knowing that it is destined for the rag bag.

I have been trying to come up with a plan for fixing this mess all morning, but I have drawn a blank. I know I could wear it in the winter with a cardigan over the top...but it's hardly the same.

It's lucky I bought two new dresses yesterday.

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