Friday 21 August 2009

Fave Friday

Five Random Favourite Things

1. Turquoise. The colour, not the stone - I don't much care for the stone, weirdly. I'm all about the colour, though. In fact, anything on that spectrum - teal, aqua....

2. Shoes. Parpy Jo and I went shopping last night and I tried on this pair in Aldo and was instantly smitten. They came home with me. And maybe a second pair in grey. But when I find beautiful shoes that comfortably fit my wide, high arched feet - carpe diem.

3. My bed. Especially since we got the new mattress in February. My favourite bedtime is when the sheets I splurged on from John Lewis, with the poppy duvet cover that sort of matches the bedroom curtains, are fresh on the bed (even better if Mother Z has snaffled them away and ironed them first) and I'm not too tired to enjoy some reading and fresh-sheet-enjoyment before I go to sleep.

4. Baths. I just hopped out of one. I like to use lots of good smelling bath products, and after 10 minutes or so I start adding cold water until the bath is only lukewarm. I don't like an overly hot bath and can't sit in one for too long.

5. Eyeliner. Especially in bright colours, though I am toning it down a bit more as I'm getting older. I like gel and liquid eyeliners best because the colours stay nice and strong. I bought a couple of glitter eyeliners in Sephora (bet you can't guess which colours...) while I was on holiday and I like them a LOT. It's going to be much easier to deal with those than with the individual sample-size pots of MAC loose glitter I get from ebay. The last time I used one of those I thought I was holding the lid for my SheLaq and upended the whole pot all over the floor. Thank god it was that scummy Brighton hotel we stayed in and not my own carpet!

This post brought to you with thanks to Kelli at Three Boys and a Dog. Kelli is gearing up to doing 30 days of giveaways on her blog from September 1st, so it's definitely worth a gander.

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