Friday 25 September 2009

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things About Today

1. Getting compliments on my latest WIP - a Candy cardigan, knitted in softest grey silk blend and Noro Silk Garden, which is striping in the most beeyootiful way.

2. In Geology class (which I am taking along with 23 year 9s on a Friday after school), when I said, "This igneous rock is exactly like the last one except the crystals are bigger, which means this one must have formed UNDER the ground and the last one formed ABOVE the ground where it's cooler" AND I WAS RIGHT! I rock. Ba dum dum tish.

3. When one of the hardest boys in year 11, upon hearing that I couldn't wear fake tan on my face because it smells like feet on me, said, "Well then don't put it on your face, wear foundation instead - DUH!" like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Beauty tips from a thug. Bad ones, too.

4. Watching the abject confusion washing over my classes as they walked into my room and realised I'd shifted the whole layout around last night. They didn't know what to do! Cue much milling around. Bless.

5. THE END. Of the day, I mean. Open evening was last night and I am fit to drop. I considered going to be at 6pm when I got in but have managed to stay awake long enough to cook and eat dinner, watch the final episode of Reaper (I am, by the way, inconsolable that it has been cancelled) and write this. I don't think there's much more left in my day, though.


And it's only really a three day week next week, because I have a Malaysia all-day meeting and Friday is sponsored walk day. God bless sponsored walk day.

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