Sunday 20 September 2009

Weekend FO


Pattern: Skylark, of my own creation
Needle: 5mm, straights mostly because this yarn is the same colour as my Knitpicks.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in the glorious Uptown colourway (which has made me look a bit washed out in this photo.

Here's the back -

I explained in a previous post about how the colour inspired the name for this project, and how surprised I was that it was the first thing from my Jimmy Beans haul that I wanted to knit with (I think I was more afraid I would put it away and never touch it again).

The pattern itself is a bit of a mishmash of other people's ideas. I liked the lace kimono from Interweave a few issues back - in that I liked the construction, anyway; I don't care much for all-lace tops like that because they necessitate the wearing of a second garment underneath which, for a summer top, makes about as much sense to me as eating gravy with chopsticks. But I liked the construction - a waist piece, and two sleeve pieces, so I borrowed that.

The 4x2 rib is similar to the Greenday top I knitted in June - big ribbing like this is lazy girl shaping, imho. It clings just right.

Finally, the modular construction of it - three easy pieces with little shaping - was inspired by the Tantric Puzzle Top (Rav link) I knitted in July and never blogged about. I finished it literally the day before we went away, and I haven't worn it much yet because it stills needs hooks and eyes or snaps or something other than safety pins to fasten it. However, it's just two rectangles sewn together in a certain way, so as to make a top. I like the idea of using basic shapes and careful construction to put a garment together.

I had a couple of frustrating moments with it - I had to rip back the waitsband twice before I was happy with it, and I'm still not 100% OK with the twisted i-cords ties, but it's good for now, and at least I can't see them. Overall, though, I love it! And it would have been really quick if I hadn't kept putting it aside in favour of Jo's lace scarf. It's finished just in time for the cooler weather. Bring on the bluster, baby - I've got some clothes that need wearing.

Perhaps I could be a knitwear designer instead of a teacher.

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