Thursday 8 October 2009


When I made October finishing month, I forgot I had a piece of Geology homework to do, which I intended to knit. So yesterday I spent the evening knitting a couple of igneous rock formations. Since this was a fairly unique case, I am going to let myself off - just this once.

Here are the rocks -

The brief was to "model" the formation of igneous rocks. Intrusive igneous rocks form underground in hot conditions and have large crystals, because they can grow quite big before the rock cools and sets. Extrusive igneous rocks have fine crystals, because they cool over ground in cooler conditions. Here is my finished model -

...except I have just realised it is wrong, because I wrote coarse-GRAINED instead of crystals, and that is a term usually applied to sedimentary rocks. Hopefully I will have time to fix it before I have to turn it in tomorrow.

Evidently this modelling gig is something they set fairly often in Science because the kids had no trouble working out what to do and I heard of some outlandish ideas. I hear we are expecting a model in cake. Now you can see why I had to break out the knitting skills. Mine will certainly be longer lasting than a cake - especially around me.

Have been doing quite well with everything on my to-do list - car's fixed (no longer Henry, then, since he's only a person when he's broken), jabs done (painless - and tetanus only comes with polio and diptheria now, hence the multijab), both hair and beauty appointments made, eaten less, parents met with....I have a meeting with the relevant kids tomorrow.

Which leaves the knitting (one repeat down, four to go) and the beetroot (I can't face having my hands dyed right at this moment). Not bad at all.

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