Monday 5 October 2009

October's For Finishing

I made October a finishing month.

I did set myself up carefully, though, by starting a small project on the last day of September - I am so over big projects at the moment and wanted something easily finishable, so I cast on for the tea cosy.

Tonight, I gathered up all my WIPs - healthy and delinquent - and photographed them. Here's my wishlist for October (in the reverse order they were cast on) -

1. Tea Cosy

This would have been finished tonight, but I am very tired and was only in the mood for staring blankly, until I had a shower, which re-energised me enough to make this post.
I intend to finish it tomorrow. Much knitting during the lunch break and then some more in the evening ought to do it. But, I want to line it with a bit of purple fleece I have lying around to make it snugger, so it might take a few days to actually finish after it's OTNs.
Chances of finishing in October:
Very high

2. Stripey Candy cardigan

I put a few more rows on at the weekend. I need to start the sleeves, really, which count as little projects (sort of) and so will be cast on after the tes cosy is finished.
Chances of finishing in October:

3. Jo's lace scarf

I added two more pattern repeats at the weekend. I intended to be very, very strict with myself and add a pattern repeat a day, plus a few extra at weekends - at which pace, I'd be ready to add the border in the half term. I haven't added anything to it yet, though.
Chances of finishing in October:
I want to say High, but I think I should say Medium-high.

4. Endpaper Mitts

Good to have hanging around when I need something quick, but not an urgent knit.
Chances of finishing in October: Low Medium

5. Bamboo top

When I hauled this out I remembered that I messed up the folded edging but couldn't rip, because the yarn looks nubby after ripping. I need to get over this. I think it will even out in blocking - and even if it doesn't, it's at the back. I'm highly motivated to complete this ready for Malaysia in November.
Chances of finishing in October: Medium High - as long as I can talk myself out of hating my shoddy folded edging.

6. Red cardigan

I am going to knit the fronts of this a needle size down from the back, and hope I can fudge the back together with the fronts without having to rip the whole thing.
Chances of finishing in October:
Medium high, as long as the back will fit with the rest of the pieces (which will be at correct gauge).

Otherwise, slim to none. Will become plane knitting.

7. Breeze on a sea air cardi

I love it so much. It was such a labour of love. I'm so worried it's going to be massively too big. It's so complicated, and I haven't put a stitch on it in over a year, and didn't mark the pattern when I stopped.
Chances of finishing in October: Slim to none. I might even have lost my incredibly complex colour-coded home made chart. But, with an extra year's experience under my belt, I bet it's not as complicated as I remember.

Gratuitous extra picture. This post took 10 minutes to write, and 25 to populate with pictures. Bloody Blogger. Bloody internet connection. Bloody something!

I'm nothing, if not optimistic.

Note to self: Today, I needed my coat (which I didn't take) and I wanted to put the heating on. I managed to get the heater on in my room, because I can't bear the incessant whining, but have resisted at home.

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