Thursday 29 October 2009

Delinquent blogger

If I had me in my iGoogle blog feed, I would have moved me into the right-hand delinquent bloggers column by now, for non-posting. You see? I drop the whole Tuesday Ten/Fave Friday crutches and go dead silent. I think I should pick these up again.

Truthfully, since visiting Sib Hand last week in his new Shepherds Bush pied a terre, I have been shamed into keeping my computer switched off most of the time, which is very green but it takes so long to boot I find I can't be bothered putting it on; and blogging just doesn't feel right from Mr Z's SuperMacBook. Even now, I am blogging from his computer (and in the dark) and I can tell, yknow, this post won't be long. I just don't feel right about it.

Mr Z has been pricing up new PCs for me. I think the time has come to finally part with the dinosaur, especially since I fear it is not long for this world when you consider how much dust there is everywhere else in the study - I figure a large portion must also be inside the PC.

I have had a very lazy and enjoyable half term. I have been having an afternoon nap if I fancy one, and I have watched a LOT of TV which perhaps I didn't need to see, but which provided excellent background to the knitting I've been doing. Finishing October hasn't been a complete success...I mean, I haven't begun anything new, but I haven't actually finished anything except the tea cosy. However, the grey cardigan is in its final stages and the lace scarf is only 5 repeats away from the border.

I confidently predict that if I do no work and all knitting between now and Monday, I will
a) have at least one weekend FO to show
b) have a minor nervous breakdown when I get back to work
c) have a stinking first week back because I'm trying to do all my holiday work and teach a full timetable at the same time

Hmm. It somehow does not seem worth it.

Perhaps I will clear my desk and do a little work now. Just a little. The untidy desk is quite offputting, so just tidying it might help me tomorrow. And Saturday is Fibre Group day, and we're going to do batik, so I will have all day to work on projects then.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt it was December, and we were away on the KS4 enrichment weekend I ran last year, and it was 12.45pm on the Saturday, and activities were due to start at 1pm. And then I realised - I hadn't planned anything. Nothing was done! The kids had paid their money for the weekend and we had nothing - no resources, no activities, no games or anything. I was running around in a panic and the other teachers were trying to tell me it would be OK. And then, in my dream, I became all relaxed, and I turned to Nic (who is a science teacher) and said, "Nic, it's OK! I don't know why I'm so worried - this is just a dream! I'm dreaming this - of course I would never run an event without preparing it!" and she was all like, "Oh that's great, thank goodness!"


I've added planning for that weekend to my to-do list.

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