Sunday 19 December 2010

November Goals Round Up

Yes yes, it is very late...but I had already started it so thought I should finish.

Be on top of all marking before going on the Malaysia trip
I managed all my marking from year 9 upwards, so not too bad. I am quite proud of myself for knowing when to quit, tbh.

Not get sunburn in Malaysia
Woop woop! I even had enough sun cream to lend out to other people.

Finish reading a book on my new Kindle...and get a newspaper subscription to try
I finished reading Little Women and I got a subcription to the Telegraph, which was great. I would have kept it, except that I knew I wouldn't have enough time to read it in real life.

Knit a pair of gloves/handwarmers
No. But I did knit a beard.

Complete a considerable portion of the chunky knit jumper I am working on
I finished all the body and started a sleeve. I put it down before Malaysia, though, and haven't picked it up again yet.

Successfully present at a TeachMeet
I did this, which was also one of my three action points from the Google thing.

Lose 10lbs - I am noticing a huge difference in fitness since I started with my PT; now I want to see a difference in WEIGHT, too. This may mean less cake....
I got half way there. Not bad.

Update my blog every day!
...and my work blog at least three times
I managed this blog 29 out of 30 times, but didn't touch my work blog. Fail. However, I have updated it three times this month.

Be proactive about doing little writing jobs.
My pieces were featured in a special insert in the Wiltshire Times about the work we do for gifted kids as a Federation, and I have successfully pursued a paid writing job on roughly the same thing for an educational periodical. Now I just have to find time to write it!

No December goals, too busy, but I need to review my NY reslns for 2010 at some point which is almost the same!

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