Tuesday 28 December 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Gifts of Christmas

1. A red and white spotty scarf, from a secret swap on a favourite forum. It may be my favourite scarf ever.

2. Kettlebells! From Mother Hand. I have to choose which weights I want.

3. A pretty handmade notebook with a cupcake on it, from Aliboo.

4. A set of colourful mini spoons from Parpy Jo. I want to call them runcible spoons, though I know it's wrong.

5. Chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates, from a variety of people.

6. A cat-shaped polka dot doorstop, from Twitter Secret Santa. I was bemused to start with, until I remembered we keep the bedroom door open for the cat with an ancient T-shirt and have done since we moved in, nearly 9 years ago. Then, the gift seemed spookily genius. It was even polka dot. I have no idea who it is from.

7. An amazing Knights of the Round Table tea towel, from Nanny Hand.

8. A box of amusing retro plasters. Perfect for my ski trip first aid kit. Bizarrely, teenagers will take a plaster with a picture of Donkey from Shrek on it when they refuse a plain one.

9. An lovely hatbox of goodies free from Lush, just for buying some moisturiser I needed anyway. Different sale this year but I still have a new box to store yarn in, and a new soap stash for making washing powder.

10. This reserved for Mr Z's gift. There hasn't been one yet. I can be smug because we never know what to get each other, but this year Groupon came up trumps with a pair of golf lessons in the nick of time.

Pics may follow tomorrow!

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