Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten things that bring out the Do-Not-Want in me

1. The colour yellow. I'm sure it's probably lovely, but it's not for me.

2. Potholing. I have a morbid fear of enclosed spaces like that and the thought of crawling though a stony tube and getting stuck...*shudder*

3. Music Festivals. Camping - fine. Camping in a field of drunk people with music thumping 20 hours a day, no toilet paper and nothing cold to drink - absolutely not. You must be mental.

4. The scent of jasmine. In some forms it is OK - Sib once gave me a jasmine-scented candle which was pleasant - but in general, just no.

5. Brown sauce. Just plain wrong. Don't bring that stuff anywhere near my bacon, ever.

6. Fake tan. This is mainly because it smells like feet when I use it (biscuits would be an improvement), not because of its diabolical misuse as evidenced in various celebrity-focused periodicals.

7. Motorsport. I can't stand the endless drone of the engines. It's OK with the sound off but then I can never figure out what's going on.

8. Large numbers of people in not a large space. This probably links with both 2 and 3; I don't exactly panic in a crowd but I certainly become pricklier.

9. "Technical Support". If I ever have to ring something calling itself this for any reason, I always, of necessity, ensure it is shortly before a gap in my schedule into which I can fit a gin and a nap. Thankfully Mr Z works tirelessly to make sure I don't have to ring anything calling itself this very often.

10. Unsupported arrogance. I don't mind a bit of arrogance where it's founded, but there are a whole lot of people out there who seem to think a lot of themselves on the basis of what they might one day achieve. I find this intensely irritating.

Exam marking starts tomorrow. It's late this year, but is a whole three weeks long. Perversely, I am looking forward to it. January was so awful it's going to be a pleasure to do the work in a time of good daylight again. Happy Midsummer, all!

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