Friday 10 June 2011


Elena encouraged us to BALANCE for this week's Weekword.

I'm balancing on a big rock here at Lulworth Cove, on a Geology trip last summer.

I'm a lucky person. I have a lot of balance in my life. Some of it I make an effort to create, though.

In teaching, we hear about balance a lot, of the work-life variety. To maintain this, I try to make bits of my job as close to what I like in my life as possible; the ski trip is a great example of this. If I'm going to be spending a lot of time working, it needs to be at something (and with people) I love!
Sometimes the balance tips a little far to the work. This always seems to happen in the spring, and when I'm doing exam board work. However, there are times when the balance tips towards life: I love my August salary payment, because I know, when I collect it, that I haven't done an hour's work in the past month to earn it (it's lieu payment for all those hours extra I did in the spring!); I also love the travel opportunities afforded to me by the extra income from the exam board. So, I'll live with a short-term imbalance: it evens out over the year.

The other thing I have been thinking about this week, in terms of balance, is self-others. People are quite often lumped into the category of selfish or selfless and then seem to remain there, in the minds of others, when I think there is fluidity here too. Everybody needs a balance between how much they focus on themselves and their needs, and how much they focus on others. Sometimes, like work, one will be a priority; but over time I think it probably evens out in the same way. Maybe it's over a long time, but still.

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HedgeWytch said...

That's a fantastic photo!

I always marvel that teachers manage to balance things. It seems such an overwhelming job to me and I know the demands of it can be ridiculous. Glad to hear that you actively work on the balance. x

John said...

Great photograph, I am just so impressed. And you are so right I believe in your attitude, if your work involves things and people you love then you are going to be a much happier and better teacher!

junebug said...

Holy Crap! I would be dead if I tried that or at the least sporting a large lump on my head. You must have amazing balance.

I have told several of my friends that self-sacrifice too much, "You can't feed others if you don't feed yourself." If you feed yourself you can give even more. How can that be selfish? :-)

Elena said...

Awesome photo! I'm with Junebug, I'd be a crumpled heap at the bottom...laughing/crying. Thanks for your take on balance. Loved it. My sis is also a teacher and about to retire. Hmmmm I'll recommend she try the rock...