Thursday 31 May 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: May

Emma is still picking the topics for this - please go and have a nose around everyone else's pictures too!

Something I Have Made
What? You want me to show off my sailor top again? Oh, OK...

It's not finished, but the body of it is and tonight I picked up for the hood/collar so I am hoping it will be done this weekend. It is a perfect fit, I am very pleased. This picture demonstrates the pipin before and after stitching together.

My stash!
So. Much. Stash.
Going through it all has inspired me all over again: if only because, hey, it's a little embarrassing to have this amount of yarn in the spare room...


Maybe not quite the usual urban, but Capri was some very pretty townage and it reminded me quite a lot of Bristol, with its pastel-coloured houses marching across the hills.

London buses!

 I was in the smoke last week for a conference and got off the bus early to walk down Oxford Street - it was a novelty for it to be so quiet. It looked amazing in the sun: very clean and tidy and with the flags and buses stretching as far as I could see. It felt very, very British. I'm sorry my phone isn't better at pictures because this doesn't do it justice. It's totally time for a new phone.

Motifs: Graffiti
It's not exactly a motif, but it is one of my favourite graffiti finds, from the wall of the local battered women's shelter a few years ago -
Yes, sometimes, I suppose it really does.
I feel a bit sad about this one because Bristol has some absolutely gorgeous street art, particularly around the People's Republic of Stokes Croft, but I only ever seem to pass it when I'm driving. There was also the See No Evil urban art project last year which I am hoping will be repeated.

Thanks for picking, Emma! Hopefully see you next month!


HedgeWytch said...

You know, you really ought to give me a heads up next time you're in London, I'd love to meet you for a cuppa! x

Unknown said...

Capri, another place I'd love to visit. Looks wonderful.