Wednesday 30 May 2012

May Goals Round Up

I'm all out of kilter with my days today. I was just trying to work out how I could subvert this into a Tuesday ten post; yet all day I have thought it was Thursday. Wrong on both counts! But whatever - it's only two days until half term and I only have four lessons to teach between now and then so it doesn't really matter.

Here's my goals round up and it's a good one!

Knit something from stash yarn - even if it's just a little thing.
 I have cast on for a new accessory using some beautiful Colinette I received as a gift a while ago. It's a sort of neck, cowl, stole, shawl thing. I will pair it with the dichroic glass beads I bought at FibreFest in 2009. Double stashbust!

Begin knitting a new garment.
 Yes and it is nearly finished! Sort of. Ahoy, Sailor is all knitted and just waiting for some kind of collar/hood and the sleeves. I am stalled for the moment because I am trying to figure out how to pick up and knit a sailor collar instead of following the pattern directions.

Sort through and re-organise stash and ensure it's all catalogued and photographed (I'm so geeky, I love doing this - I feel like it's cheating to put it on the list, tbh)
 Yes, and it was enjoyable as I thought it would be, although I feel slightly overwhelmed by how much there is. Ravelry says it's 65km. But, on a positive note, I have my next five garments lined up and ready to go.

Visit the tip to get rid of some stuff.
Well, I didn't actually do this. But I intend to go next week. I keep putting it off because there's always a massive queue of cars and it smells bad. I did recycle all the cardboard this evening though, come to think of it. 

Research and plan an activity using the iPods so that I can stop panicking about going to that conference in July and having nothing to say.
 Sort of - I have done a few activities with the iPods and it is going quite well. I feel more confident about the conference but there is still a chunk of work to be done on my workshop. I am hoping to get some of that done in the next two days, and next week: definitely before marking starts on June 21st, anyway.

Finish rewrites on the book with good grace.
At least they were done! I might have rushed it a bit towards the end and they are coming back again for a second pass this week or next. I am a bit bored of it now, tbh. I also need to start work on the peripherals - the perfect answers to all the exam Qs, for example - so that I don't have to squeeze those into three weekends in term time. Little and often, as I keep reminding myself. 

I am currently enjoying a trip back to my youth with this 90s Groove album I downloaded yesterday. It is like being a teenager again. I can almost relive the panic of my year 11s as their exams wash over them! Thank goodness all that's over.

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