Tuesday 15 May 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten excuses for where I've been

1. I've been marking coursework. 17 year 13 essays this year. By my count that is roughly 68,000 words. Woe was me, for a few days there.

2. I've been doing book rewrites. There were quite a lot for the second bit of book. I imagine there will be more soon. But the book is available for pre-order and I love looking at the page.

3. They've put my name second on the cover, where it goes alphabetically, even though I wrote three-quarters of the book. I am hoping this is just a mock up. Vanity, I cry, vanity.

4. I have been rarely going to bed before midnight and therefore wedging in naps.

5. I've been drinking these green monster smoothies every morning. Whoever thought blended spinach before 8am was a good idea? It is, you know, especially when you don't leave it overnight. I drink half as much coffee and need half as much breakfast.

6. I've probably been waking the neighbour up at 7am, using the blender.

7. I've been booking ski holidays for October half term. I'm trying to pay them but nobody will return my call. I don't think this bodes well, but we'll stay hopeful. My one-day chance to pass that ski course is in November so I thought I'd try and wedge some extra practice in beforehand.

8. I've been considering going on a bootcamp. Ten hours of exercise a day? I'll either love it, or spend the whole week sobbing.

9. I'm really struggling for a 9 and 10, I'll be honest, and I'm hoping you didn't notice number 3 wasn't really an excuse. Really, I've just been marking coursework and doing book rewrites. It's been deathly boring.

10. Um. I did go to circuits last night. For the first time in about two months. I hurt a lot. Maybe bootcamp isn't such a good idea.

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