Friday 15 June 2012

Fave Friday

I'm resurrecting Fave Friday, but instead of making it a list of favourite things, I'm just going to have one thing I am loving at present. OK? Well, it's going to have to be :p

This week...
Emma Bridgewater Cake Tins

I picked these up in John Lewis over half term. At first I thought there were only two in the packet (they nest, you see) so I was very pleased to find three, especially since they were Not Cheap. But then, it's Emma Bridgewater. I saw a beautiful cake stand they're selling within the current patriotic range and it was £75. I know it's hand painted, but still! It wasn't particularly intricate, in construction or motif.

Anyway, I allowed myself a little splurge with these because my cake tins are all either old chocolate ones, recycled from Mother Hand's house, or plastic. I love them because of the colours and the attention to detail - a row of red stars on the rim under the lid, for example - and they are nice and deep. I fitted in three layers of cupcakes in the medium one for their first outing.

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