Tuesday 19 June 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things on my To-Do List

1. Pick up THREE parcels from the PO tomorrow. I have been speculating about what these might be. One is a regular parcel, one is a signed-for, and one requires payment of £22 in customs charges. I have narrowed it down to the free yarn from Sublime due to the dodgy dye lot for the sailor top; (2) the book contract I've been waiting for and (3) no idea. I haven't ordered anything from the US. I am desperately hoping that I was the winner of the Jimmy Beans Lorna's Laces giveaway this month and have a limited edition Knit Red skein of every yarn, but that is a huge hope.

2. Go to London and attend three social events. I am meeting up with good friend Siany on Wednesday, who went to Australia but has come back; having dinner with my examiner team on Thursday; and meeting the proprietor of the Gift Shed on Friday before I head back to Brizzle.

Phew! Does that count as six things already?

3. Shark around the online standardisation on Saturday. Now I have been promoted to the dizzy heights of Assistant Principal, I don't actually have to run a meeting - just pop in and out of other people's. I think.

4. Standardise my team of team leaders. Crossing my fingers this goes smoothly because...

5. From Monday, plan every lesson for the next fortnight on the new official proforma and prepare myself for an unannounced drop in. It seems obscene to be having lesson observations this close to the end of term, but there we have it.

6. Properly plan my workshop for the history conference the first weekend in July. I have mapped out a rough plan, after having a minor wobble about it over the weekend and trying to work out if it would be professional suicide to pull out; but it needs more work yet.

7. Ensure the residential AGT conference I'm running for seven schools goes smoothly. This is my fourth time running it, but the butterflies persist!

8. Finish knitting the baby jumper I started at the weekend. (I could quite easily put three more work things on here but it would be too depressing).

9. Make my lunch for tomorrow, and dry my hair, so I can go to bed.

10. ....last but most pressing - finish the familiarisation marking I have been distracting myself from for the past half an hour!

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