Saturday 9 June 2012

June Goals

Late, so late! How is it June 9th already?! I blame the Queen. She may have had an amazing Jubilee celebration that I very much enjoyed...celebrating, but I cannot get the hang of half term being in June. I feel like somebody has hoodwinked a week away from me.
  • Cast on for a new garment.
  • Cast on for a new accessory/baby item using something that was stashed before 1/1/2012 - that 65km of yarn is not going to knit itself, after all.
  • Run some helpful after school sessions for the upcoming "Bring Your Own Device" day I have been planning, so that hopefully my colleagues will be mostly on board.
  • Plan an assembly to get students on board also.
  • Plan BYOD workshop for the History conference. I am starting to have a panic in the pit of my stomach that I cannot shake - this is now less than a month away, and marking starts in two weeks, and after that there won't be any time to do anything, argh! And breathe. 
  • Something housey...hmm. Measure up for the shelves I want in the spare room.
  • Get rid of the spare room bed. Anybody want a 2 foot 6 single bed? Free to a good home!

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