Sunday 2 February 2014

Stash Enrichment

Scahachenmayr Lumio

When I visited Jimmy Beans in the summer I saw a bin of these in the middle of the shop, after I had already bought all the yarn I wanted. It was a big splurge for me and I was just a little bit too embarrassed to hoik out a skein and go to the till with it.

Since then I have regretted my reticence and keep looking at it on their website. However, I don't know why - I don't go out at night enough to require a reflecting hat and therefore it seems a bit pointless. Plus, it's $15, and then there would be the customs charge and that ridiculous Royal Mail charge they put on for telling you about the customs charge...

Fast forward to yesterday, when I wandered into Shaw's up the 'wood for the first time in ages to peruse their yarn stock. My tutor group are coming up to their final year now which means it's time to start knitting hats again, so I thought I would see what was available. Low and behold - a whole cubby hole full of Lumio, in a variety of colours, and only £4.95 for the ball! I snagged this one immediately. I may go back for more. Need doesn't come into it when you can support your LYS, I think.

In case you can't see in the big picture, it has tiny strips of reflective material wrapped around it. Perhaps if I had a hat made out of this I would go running in the evenings.

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