Monday 3 February 2014

Weekend WIP

Mr Z was on a winding binge recently so I got him to wind my latest Lorna's Laces acquisition, the LE for December, Bated Breath. It is pale blue, purpley-grey, iron and mallard teal - really lovely. So, since it was wound and ready for me, I decided it was time to cast on for my long-planned pinwheel blanket. Here's the first motif, which could do with being blocked properly -

I managed two over the weekend; according to my project notes from when I knitted these pinwheels for a shawl (that has become probably my most-worn scarf) I can get about 4.5 from a skein. I now have 16 skeins of this yarn in various shades of blue; I may have also just requested two more skeins in a discontinued blue colourway from someone's stash sale on Ravelry. A conservative estimate therefore puts the blanket at 72 pinwheels, which is probably plenty big enough. I don't want a blanket that is big enough to cover our entire property, a la Like Water For Chocolate. I am not sure whether all of the colours will go together: some have quite a lot of green or purple in which might clash, so I may see if I can find another use for those odd skeins.

I've also been working on this lace scarf for Parpy Jo, which is going quite quickly: 30 repeats in, of an estimated 40 (it's ridiculously stretchy) -

And of course, on the socks -

I'm prepping for Sochi which starts at the end of the week; I want to knit a jumper during the two weeks period. I have a pattern picked out and I need to swatch for it; so I think that will probably be consuming my every available knitting moment for the next couple of weeks.

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