Thursday 9 April 2015

Easter WIP: Feathernest

I cast this on in the second week of March so I am pleased to see I have managed to make considerable progress, in spite of Mad March and skiing and the fact that this is, essentially, a ribbed jumper.

The pattern is the Feathernest Raglan from Interweave Winter 2014, aka the issue from which I intend to knit everything (the first thing being Swivel last year). It looks very small off the needles but it is hella stretchy. It's five moons Luna dk - deliciously soft. I carried on knitting the body until I finished the third skein, as I am attempting not to have any left over when it's done (what a waste otherwise...I mean, we all know I would intend to knit something else with it but that it would languish in stash until I eventually put it in swaps and somebody took it off my hands).

This makes my third blue jumper of the year so far. Not that I'm a creature of habit or anything. However, almost since casting this on, I've been fantasising about using the blue five moons angora I bought at Wonderwool 2013 to knit a henley from the same Interweave issue. Mmmmmmm, bunny snug! I really should work on some WIPs and some other projects when this is finished buuuuut....yknow.

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