Sunday 19 April 2015

The Bikram Diaries: 2

Good news! I achieved all my goals for this week. I went to Bikram three times, swam, did aquafit, saw my PT and played squash with Tutt. And today I have had more motivation and energy to Get Things Done than I can remember having in a number of months. It would be crazy to think these two things are not connected.

My particular success of the week was Thursday's class. I only had to sit out a couple of repeats of postures, and I felt amazing when I was done. I managed my best ever standing bow pose on the left side. It helped to sit out the first go on the right side, then do left and right in succession. The instructor tried to help me grab both feet in lying-on-the-floor bow pose (to give it its official name) which was hilarious: I did get to the point where my right hand was touching my right toe, but at that point my left hand wetly slithered off my left foot, so it was all for naught.

Afterwards he recommended I drink more juices. He very enthusiastically tried to explain the benefits of drinking in class which seemed to involve replacing lost nutrients sweated out of the body while the body is at its most amenable to replacements. Hmm. I don't really believe this, but they are tasty, so I went and got a juice from the juice bar after Saturday's class, and it was so nice that I bought some veg and made use of the juicer I bought Mr Z for Christmas. It was beetroot, apple, carrot and watercress - I put in two of each plus a bag of watercress, and it made far too much juice. Mr Z and I had about a pint each and it has had that unfortunate beetroot effect of transferring dye all the way through my digestive system and out the other side. Never fails to make me momentarily panic, does beetroot.

Saturday morning's class was less successful, since I went on an empty stomach, but since I wasn't planning to go and was actually quite surprised to find myself lying on the mat, I still chalk it up as a big win. It felt very hot: at one point the instructor opened the door wide during a posture and I nearly got up and hugged her. A couple of people had to be excused during the class. I couldn't even grab my left foot to do bow pose, which was slightly demoralising after Thursday, but I'm not holding it against myself. I've been strength training now for nearly five years so it is not overly surprising that I'm not very bendy.

This is definitely becoming a habit and I am a bit glum at not being able to wedge many classes in this week. I think it could easily be quite addictive, because it's such a massive sense of achievement every time.

This week's goals:
Attendance: Tuesday, Thursday
Postures: Get my head to touch my knee, at some point, in some posture. That's quite a big ask. I'll give it a go. 
Other exercise: Swimming x 2 (including today), PT session, walking endlessly around Wonderwool with an elevated heart rate from looking at all the gorgeous yarn.

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