Saturday 2 May 2015

The Bikram Diaries: 3

I managed to achieve my goals of last week, and felt very, very proud of myself when my forehead touched my knee in the Tuesday class. I can also reach both feet in front of me in standing-head-to-knee, although I can't extend my leg properly.

Then I had about a week off. I went back on Wednesday, and I was not hopeful for a good class. I was absolutely exhausted thanks to two very late nights in a row, and I hadn't eaten properly, but I was having a maniacal work week and had to do some exercise to try and reset myself. However, it was a surprise to me when I looked up to see the instructor leaning down, whispering, "Are you OK?" because I had FALLEN. ASLEEP. And worse? I had my back to him, so I can only think that he knew to come over because I snored.

I know it's not unusual to fall asleep in yoga, particularly when the meditation bit happens, but it is very hot in there and it's not at all restful. I don't ever feel sleepy, not even in the corpse pose at the end (which is when I normally fall asleep in other classes). It was a bit wake up call. As was the fact that I had to wuss out of at least half the class. I was very apologetic at the end but the instructor was really nice and told me to give myself more credit and at least I showed up. Yeah. I bet they teach them to say things like that on the instructor course.

Today was a triumph, however. On my way out, the instructor told me I had the best cobra pose in the class! Left feeling great. And, I managed to grab my right foot in the correct manner for standing bow pose, instead of having to shuffle my hand around; and I actually touched my left foot whilst holding my right foot in lying bow pose. And also I realised that the bow in the pose refers to the type you use with an arrow, and not the thing you tie with a ribbon. All this time I have been wondering how that posture could look like a ribbon bow. Um, dur.

They're not all so motivating, the instructors. After last Tuesday's class, I saw the instructor in the changing room and she said she could see I had made progress. "Yes," I replied, "and it is really motivating to see progress every class." "Ah," she replied, "but after a while you will plateau and you'll find you won't make any progress for a long time, and it's important you keep coming then." Wow. I shall consider my parade officially rained on, thank you.

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