Saturday 30 May 2015

The Bikram Diaries: 4

I haven't been blogging about it, but I have still been going. I am up to class 26ish now. My latest attempt was on Thursday, when I managed to turn myself out of bed at 5.50am to get to the 6.45am class. Me in my 20s would be equally awestruck and disgusted that me in my 30s is capable/desirous of this. It was a bit of a mess, because I troughed a banana on the way to class and guzzled a bunch of water to make up for the lack of drinking on Wednesday, so I felt quite sick at various points in the class. When the instructor tried to give me some suggestions on how to sit to feel better I got all sulky. She was very understanding, though - she said that she's never participated in such an early class. Apparently they are very good for improving practice but not very enjoyable.

In general, actually, the last few have been harder. The heat's not really a problem anymore, but I have felt, in some ways, less flexible. I think it's probably partly to do with feeling tense about exam season and all the additional jobs I've been doing, and partly to do with being off work and being generally less active, and drinking less. It is interesting trying to pinpoint the tiny changes in lifestyle that might be having and impact.

I have seen some improvements in my practice, though. For a start, I can now get myself into standing bow pose with much less faffing than previously. It is getting easier and easier to get my face onto my knee in all poses that require that. When I am kneeling down, my bum actually touches my heels now. I still can't kneel down and sit on the floor between my heels; but Thursday's instructor mentioned to the class that it took her four and a half years to be able to do that so I won't be too hopeful about that happening any time soon.

I've started looking at yoga types on Instagram for tips on the poses and inspiration to carry on. There are some flexible people out there. As a result, I have downloaded a daily yoga app; on Wednesday I did a little morning yoga in the garden. Norris (the tortoise) was very interested and came up onto the lawn to watch. Or maybe he just wanted food.

I'm also attending a two hour astanga yoga workshop today. It mentions inversions, which I find concerning. There's no way I am attempting to balance on my head.

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