Wednesday 27 May 2015

Wonderwool 2015

Shocked to discover I haven't yet written about Wonderwool! A massive oversight on my part. We went back to the same bunkhouse (of course) and I slept in the same bed (third year running) and we took pictures of everybody's stash at the end of Saturday (standard)...

This year we also visited the farmer's lambs and helped with feeding. Well, April helped with feeding. I watched and took pictures, because I was wearing a handknit jumper and I didn't want to get milk and/or lamb on it. You can take the girl out of the city, etc.

Of course, there was yarn. I was a bit more restrained this year and actually came home with money in my little bag of £2 coins that I had been collecting all year. I think this was partly to do with my dismay at tipping out last year's yarn from the Wonderwool bag to take to this year's Wonderwool and realising how much of it there was left, and partly to do with my carefully-planned holiday enabling a trip to Jimmy Beans roughly on my birthday this summer. As you may have picked up on, I don't have two minutes to rub together very often these days so heaven knows when it's all going to get knitted up.

Buying less meant a focus on quality over quantity though, so I got some truly luscious stuff.

  • Top row - all buttons from Brimstone. I'm not sure about the little round turquoise ones: they are mounted in little metal crowns that just scream, "I'm going to snag your knitting something chronic." But, I really liked them a lot. 
  • Second row - some light silk and 500g aran cashmere, both from the Knitwitches sales bin. What will I do next year when she is not there? I have no idea why I bought the silk but it's so lustrous and appealing in the flesh. I am hoping the Cashmere will become that Telluride pullover I've been lusting after for months. Then, 600g Idris DK and a skein of softest, cloudiest alpaca, both from Triskelion. I got to this stall and found an old friend working on it, who was easily able to talk me into the single skein. It is so soft I just want to use it for a pillow.
  • Bottom row - Wingspan Kit from Moonlight yarns (local company woohoo!), 500g five moons Diana DK, 4 skeins of heavy laceweight linen from Midwinter yarns (as mentioned in this week's WIP post) and some dichroic glass buttons from Crafts From The Dungeon. I bought some toggles from the same company at Fibrefest years ago and was overjoyed to find these. I tried to chat to the seller about it but she continued her conversation with another customer throughout the entire process of serving me, which I thought was really rude. 
There was also this buckle from Brimstone, which I'm going to put on a hat, Wonderwoman style -

Difficult to pick a favourite, but that five moons was something I forced myself to leave behind on Saturday and then panicked about being sold before I got back on Sunday, so it is probably that. Bit of a departure in terms of my usual colourway but I probably have enough blue in my stash (whisper it quietly). 

It was another joyful and restful weekend away, although I did sit up suddenly in the middle of the night on Saturday and thump my head on the upper bunk. Not ideal. 

We're already planning next year. Better get off the internet and back to the knitting or next year's haul will be even smaller. 

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