Sunday 8 June 2008

One Local Summer week 1

Here is a dinner we had this week. It is quite simple and should bear the warning "do not put food in the oven and then fall asleep on the couch."

Everything came from Whiterow Country Foods, a farm shop near work; it's about 25 miles from home.

We had poached eggs, chunky chips I burned myself in the oven, a big pile of the pepperiest and most delicious rocket I've ever had, and a dollop of home made mayonnaise. I think I took the rules of OLS to the limit, here - the egg yolks are local but the oil is not, so it is within the boundaries. But I don't know if using half a pint of oil was quite what the rule makers intended.

It was good mayonnaise, though. I bet it would taste really good with some garlic in it.

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Nicole said...

This may be weird to say, but I love your plates!