Sunday 22 June 2008

Some yarn pictures

How mean of me, to talk about the new yarn I bought and not add pictures. This afternoon I made Mr Z take some - a job with which he did not seem as pleased as I thought he would be. I have to put up with him snapping me at all hours of the day and night as he tests out some new technique he's read about on www.I' - I imagined he'd been crying out for a new subject.

First, from my existing stash - Fleece Artist Super Kid, which is what Marianne is being made out of ....

He hadn't really got into his stride on this one, which is a pity because it is a display picture on the yarn's page on Ravelry now.

Second - a small portion of the vast quantities of Rowan Soft Tweed...

Third - the Lion and lamb. I already wound it into balls, ready for Clapotising it up at some point. I am determined not to start it until Marianne is a good deal further on, though.

And finally, a skein of the Mirasol Miski I have been hoarding. I have a pattern in mind for it now - several, in fact, and they're all clingy, low-necked sweaters with bell sleeves.

Mmmm, yarny goodness.

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