Friday 20 June 2008

Vast quantities of luscious, luscious yarn

My order arrived from Jimmy Beans today. It was worth the wait, even though the Parcel Force man happened to call whilst I was doing my lipstick in the hall mirror and made me jump so it was wonky for the whole day.

(It did last the whole day - it's a MAC Pro Longwear I bought last weekend in bright killer red (I think it's "Lasting Lust" but the colour representation on the website isn't good) and it is practically impossible to remove - when I trialled it for the first time I resorted to using soap and water and even that didn't's hardcore stuff. I dread to think what they put in it to make it stay so utterly put, but it's worth it because I've had lots of positive comments on it and I don't have to worry about getting that whole lipstick ring-round-the-edge-of-the-lips thing happening).

Anyway. The new yarn. I ordered some Lion and Lamb from Jimmy Beans in April, when I decided I was going to have to give in and finally knit a Clapotis because I was feeling left out, since everybody else in the knitting universe has knitted one, or a mini one, or a Clapotis hat or Clapotis mitts....well, what finally swung it was the ready-knitted one on display at Get Knitted. SO soft. I did exactly what they intended - looked at their colourways and then went home and ordered online from another shop *coughcough*.

So, since I was paying international shipping ANYWAY I decided to go and have a look at the sale section, and decided that $3.50/ball for Rowan Soft Tweed was a bargain I was unable to pass up. So unable in fact, that I bought 20 balls.

Yes, it's 20 balls. In fact, it's 1700 yards, of superbulky. I am intrigued as to my thought process at the time. What did I intend to knit with it? The only thing I can find in my Ravelry queue is the Drops jacket (almost as popular as the Clapotis) which I had already decided not to knit on account of how any sort of swing jacket, no matter how beautiful, now matter how bell-like the sleeves nor how perfect the seed stitch detailing, would make me look even more like a barrel than I do natually, and anyway it only uses 1200 yards.

It *is* very soft and I love the colour. But...srsly. What? It was very late at night when I ordered, and I hadn't used my credit card in a very long time. I can't think of anything else.

So, you might have noticed I ordered back in April. Right at the start. I am not so impressed with Lorna's Laces. Yes, your yarn is luscious. Yes, it is soft as the down on the underbelly of a baby chick which has been washed in a mixture of hair conditioner and Lenor. Yes, the hand-dyed colours are indeed beautiful. But they had ordered more stock when I ordered on April 4th, and were not able to ship to me until June 13th. Ten weeks? Really? I got so hissy about the whole thing that in the end Jimmy Beans gave me 10% off, and it wasn't their fault at all.

This week has been an absolute killer (I accidentally typed knitter there, instead of killer...).
I've fallen into GCSE routine - up at 6am, mark an hour before work, come home, mark an hour, have dinner, mark until 8pm, play on the Wii or lie on the bed and try not to go to sleep, mark for an hour, watch Big Brother, go to bed. This routine works for me.

Unfortunately I decided I would mess with the routine a bit by NOT going to bed at 11pm. Instead, I'd come back to the computer, read some fora, mark a few more responses, and generally ensure any winding down I'd done was undone. So, I am like the living dead tonight. Plus, I haven't done an OLS meal and I am away tomorrow. I also need to mark the book of roughly every child I teach and write 4 days' worth of cover for next week, and I am not clearly seeing how that is going to happen.

I might go and have a nap. Things often look clearer after a nap.

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