Friday 27 June 2008

"This society thinks teenagers are a mistake." Discuss!

I've spent the last 3 days on a conference for year nine gifted and talented students at Bath University. There are 6 pupils and me, so it's a nice little trip and has been a welcome break from the gruelling GCSE marking. During the conference, the kids pair up with 6 kids from another shcool to discuss whether they think education is working. They always produce an interesting set of ideas for their final presentations, usually something rude about teachers and banning homework, but also incorporating some quite innovative and exciting ideas about what schools should look like in the future.

The presentations go in heats, and the winners of yesterday's heats had a video presentation which I would describe as one long teenage tantrum. They backed it up with some great ideas, but there was a lot of "You think we're rubbish and then expect us to clean up YOURr (sic) mistakes".

That statement in the title made me think, though. Are teenagers a mistake?

(I might come back and answer this question when I'm not on a computer terminal in the 8W building of Bath Uni, after 2 nights of sleeping in a narrow halls bed with a thin halls duvet and 6 very loud night owl year 9s.)

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