Saturday 9 January 2010

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things About Snow Days (of which there have been three in the past week)

1. Sleeping in. Even if I have to get up to await the call from the deputy head telling me school is closed, I can do what I want to do every dark, cold and frosty morning and crawl back into my cosy bed and steal warmth from Mr Z and sleep until I wake up of my own accord. I feel very rested this week.

2. Getting extra work done. I don't have a great deal to do at home - truthfully I thought we'd only be out for one day. Consequently, Monday's lessons are the best planned lessons I will have taught in ages. I have actually made all the slides for them and everything; normally I'd make one and then do the rest on the fly while the kids were doing their starter.

3. Knitting time. Shedloads of it! I have added border around half of Parpy Jo's lace scarf now, and I fully intend to do at least half of the remaining long side this weekend. I have the pattern down pat now so I don't even need to look at the chart. It is so much easier than I thought it would be; I was such a wuss about starting it!

4. Birds. We put food out, because the mitten does not enjoy being outside in snow, so they can feed in our garden in relative safety. We have some blackbirds that have been coming for our crumbled digestive biscuits and dried fruit. We've been calling them all Dickory. I saw some blue tits on Wednesday which prompted me to put out the food, but they haven't been back....not while I've been watching, anyway.

5. Snow play!

Snow Henge!

I am trying to remain positive, because there are quite a lot of things I don't like. Firstly, until this morning (tis Saturday...I am late with the Fave Friday I know) I hadn't been further than 50 feet from my front door since Tuesday.

Secondly, we spent 2 hours helping the neighbour dig, rake and sweep the ice off the lane and drive yesterday so we could get our cars out - and then it snowed again, a bit. It should be OK though.

Thirdly, people driving like morons. My cracked windscreen was due to be replaced yesterday; Autoglass pushed my appointment to the end of the day because I was at home and not in the town where I work. Autoglass man rang me at 1.30 to say he was just leaving said town - 45 minute run, on a good day. At 3, he rang to say he was in stationary traffic but still hoped to get to me. At 5 he rang and said he was still 22 mins away but it was too dark to bother coming. School was open yesterday for 6th form and staff, but I'm so glad I decided not to drive in, or I'd either have been stuck in that traffic, or causing it.

Fourthly, people shopping as if for a siege. I have heard dark tales on Facebook; I have to go food shopping today. Do not want.

Finally, the Tories turning the gritting into a political issue, because the country has ground to a halt and consequently they can't find any other sticks to beat the government with. I hate election years, I'm so, so sick of this political bullshit already. In my book, he who whinges the loudest will never get his own way. And surely grit supplies and how it is spread is a local government issue anyway - and don't the Tories control the majority of local councils?

Le sigh.

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Elizabeth said...

Snowhenge is fab!