Monday 4 January 2010

Weekend FO

Pattern: Candy, by Jackie Wong, from Knitty
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Worsted, about a ball and a half, and Knitpicks Elegance, just over 8 balls.
Needle: 4.5mm
Mods: I messed about with this pattern a lot. I reworked it to fit my gauge, and then I added a proper button band because I had these amazing buttons from the bead shop by Jimmy Beans, and because I only had 5 buttons I knitted in a v neck. I am not SUPER happy with how it still has corners but I can fold them under and seam if it bothers me that much. I may need to do something with the cuffs too because they are all curly.

It's a really good fit and supersoft, I just wish it wasn't so cold so I could wear it! I cast on because I had a grey and white striped summer dress that I knew it would be perfect over, but it is brassic here at the moment and I'm wearing about 15 layers a day so this might have to wait a while.

I LOVE the buttons! The tail broke off one already because I managed to smack it onto the tiled floor at Knatterers on Saturday, but I can glue it back on.

I love the Noro colourway, too. I wound off the grassy green bit at the start of the first ball and that meant I ran out with about 3 stripes to go, so I rewound the second ball and started from the other end, which was blue instead of purple...Noro is weird. Same dyelot and everything. I especially like, though, the way the turquoise fazes into the purple.

I have been knitting this off and on since September, but it would have gone a lot quicker if
(a) I hadn't had to stop knitting it for Christmas stuff
(b) I had finished Parpy Jo's scarf first and didn't have teh guilt about knitting on anything but that
(c) I hadn't cast off with the neckline WAY to wide and had to unpick, rip back and pick up 200+ stitches. That took me a whole evening, along with picking up and knitting the button bands. I watched The Holiday, which SOUNDED like a great movie, though I didn't SEE very much of it.

The Knitpicks yarn colour has sadly been discontinued, but I have nearly 4 balls left and think I will combine them with the turquoise and minty green alpaca I bought at UK Rav day and knit some sort of colourwork tank top.

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