Tuesday 5 January 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten New Year's Resolutions

1. Lose weight. 15lbs by the end of the year (let's start realistically)

2. Read a book every month.

3. Declutter the house. I have started well - I am doing 20 minutes a day. My bookcase no longer looks like it is about to collapse any second.

4. Finish a knitting project every month - at least one. The stripey cardigan counts!

5. Halve my credit card debt. I hate paying it off, but have started to put whatever I have left in my account at the end of the month towards it.

6. Make an effort with the garden on a regular basis. I hate that it looks so messy.

7. Not get sunburned. I have found half a dozen bottles of suncream which I must dot around everywhere I go - car, gym bag (snort), work desk....

8. Make inroads into stash. This is not just yarn; this also includes wax tarts, perfume and bath products. This goes hand in hand with....

9. Buy less. At least whilst decluttering. I really want to buy some of the Jimmy Beans ltd edn Lorna's Laces this month but I am not allowing myself to, because I cannot find a project to match it with. Though...damn, it would make a GREAT clapotis....

10. Take more photographs. Of everything. Then maybe I will get better at it!

Henry the wondrous car of miracles has a cracked windscreen. I am hoping it might heal before Autoglass can finally make it (Friday...5 days after I rang them!) and I might get my £75 excess back. The worst part of it is, we haven't even got any snow, so we don't even get tomorrow off work!

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