Wednesday 20 January 2010


I am grumpy.

I finally had to fork over my taxes, after ages of putting it off and jumping every time Moira Stuart appeared in the airing cupboard on that advert.

I had my first line management meeting with my new line manager (the head) and...well, the less said about it the better. Let's just say, he is verbose.

I got the final invoice for the ski trip via email which they expect me to raise a cheque for by Friday. Er, no. And when I rang and said they'd got the numbers wrong, and we also might have one more drop out (kid's mum hasn't paid anything and isn't returning our calls, hmm hmm...) I was warned there might be a surcharge. WTF.

I can't shift myself to DO anything! I bunked circuits. I bunked the second session of bikram yoga (more on that shortly). I didn't even manage to update my blog yesterday. I am just like a slug, in permanent recline in front of the TV with the laptop, watching episodes of the Biggest Loser and marvelling about how much weight those people are losing. OF COURSE THEY ARE LOSING WEIGHT. THEIR BUMS ARE NOT ATTACHED TO THE SOFA.

I have a serious grump on this week.

On a positive note...the car windscreen has been replaced. Today, my horrible year 9 class fought to model the best trench out of things they had in their bags, in order to win a banana, a teabag and 2 Mr Bump plasters, which were pretty much the only things I could find in my bag to give away; so that was amusing. I went belly dancing with Parpy Jo tonight, which was fun.

And I went to bikram yoga with Amaryah on Sunday. It was hilarious. The guy who took my money said that, since it was my first class, my objective was to stay in the room. I barely managed it. For those not in the know, bikram yoga is practised in a room that is heated to 42 degrees C. I broke a sweat 5 minutes in. After 15 minutes, every time I stood up from a bending-over pose, a rivulet of sweat would cascade off my nose like the Angel Falls, until eventually my towel was wring-out-able. Oh, it was pleasant, I can tell you. The worst part was when I had to do any of the grabby-leg poses - I couldn't keep hold of myself. I was too slippery.

I did manage to stay in the room, though, and I felt pretty good afterwards and WOW did I sleep well that night. I just haven't been able to bring myself to go back yet. It's an expensive class but I paid the January special £10 for 10 days option - a total bargain considering the drop in class rate is £12. So I should try and go at least once more.

In knitting news, I am very close to finishing the border on Parpy Jo's scarf, but I have really hit a wall with it. I think it goes back to this general ma'laze (sic) I seem to have contracted this week, though.

Bring on the weekend. Even though Ofsted will surely be here next week.

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