Monday 17 May 2010

The Carless Life

Alas, Henry the Car is dead. Well....almost. He has a problem which requires an engine rebuild to fix and, since he's going in part exchange soon, I am not fixing it. Thus, the spark plug keeps fouling up with oil, causing a misfire, rendering my car undrivable for all but the most urgent of journeys. This might be alright, it there weren't a national shortage of Piccantos, meaning a 6 weeks delay on my new car.

So, I am currently on day 5 of life without a car. Mother Z schlepped me round the shops on Saturday; Parpy Jo took me to breakfast in Bath so I could pick up a dress I'd ordered into a shop there; and I have a regular lift to work in Vicky, thankfully. It's not easy, though. I can't believe that I didn't have a driving licence for so long and now I feel all at sea without a vehicle. There is, sadly, nothing to be done about it.

This means I have to adjust my May goals: I can't, for example, get to the leisure centre for circuits. But at least I am going to be walking around a lot more, and I bought a bicycle pump!

In other goal news, I have of course finished the blue jumper and I am just now ordering some pictures. I went back to Photobox, the people I used to make Mother Hand a photo album from my wedding, and discovered that thanks to a handy Facebook app I can order prints directly from there. It really couldn't be easier, and it will also connect to my Flickr and do (I think) roughly the same thing. What a revelation! I haven't ordered anything from there since we got married, and how times have changed.

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