Monday 10 May 2010

Weekend FO

And lo, it was completed.....

Pattern: Shirley by Snowden Becker
Yarn: Knitwitches Seriously Gorgeous Swiss Silk Laceweight in Lapis Nights, a measly 200g
Needle: 3.5mm
Mods: Well, some. Not really on purpose. I messed up the neck a bit by forgetting to decrease at the same time as increasing for the armholes (I was a long time ago now) and that, combined with the added drape of the silk, made for a rather risque neckline. So I knitted the scarflet in a 1x1 rib and didn't double it over when I seamed it to the collar, giving a little more coverage. And I wore it with this brooch which is a little heavy but totally works. I had 2 compliments on it at work today but one was about my "cardigan". I guess it does look a little like a cardi. Next time I might knit it as such. I do intend to knit it again some time, this time out of something a little fluffier and lighter.

The yarn dyed my hands and needles blue, and I gave it 3 rinses in blocking and the water was still running a little blue, but it was worth it for the awesome colour saturation. It is so soft and light, and actually very warm - I was chilly in it today and thought it was not as warm as I'd hoped, until I got home and took it off and realised just how brisk the air is (and it's May, fcol).

It has a great drape, too. I was worried that if I knitted it to my actual size it would be too baggy and while it is loose, it doesn't feel unflatteringly so.

I also finished my Versatility this weekend, only 6 months after I started it. I am embarrassed: it should have been such a quick knit but it just kept falling through the cracks in favour of other things with a less arduous mesh lace pattern. However, it isn't quite finished because I haven't sewn on the 16 shank buttons yet (le sigh) - but I am saving that dull task for knitting group on Saturday. So, as soon as I had both items washed and blocking I cast on for something new, heh heh! I have been waiting a month to get something finished so I can get on. I have started a new lacy top. It reminds me of sugared almonds. It is the second of my 10 lacy tops in 2010. I am not yet losing heart.

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