Monday 31 May 2010

May Goals report

It has been good to have some goals to follow for the month. I feel it has helped with my productivity, because I keep going back to look at the list and remembering things I wanted to do but hadn't got round to.
Here's how I did. I have categorised into success, fail, and almost.

Adapt the lesson observation thingie I've had in my inbox for a month

I did not adapt it, but I had a good look at it and decided it didn't need any changes. I was kind of scuppered, anyway, because after years (literally) of badgering me about observations, now I have finally formulated my plan senior management have decided they don't want me to focus on that, they want me to look at coaching instead. I shall keep my peace about what I think of that.

Meet with the T&L group to arrange paired lesson observations for term 6

I did meet with them. We discussed other things. The wind was sort of taken out of my sails by the embargo on observations, so I didn't think the meeting was great, but oh well.

Finish writing a scheme of work...any scheme of work

I have finished teaching the English Civil War and the scheme of work is basically complete. I have really enjoyed it this time round, I think a combo of Ofsted and writing the SoW has made me really concentrate on progress, and I feel both classes have made loads. Hurrah!

Start sending tips out to the Y11 Facebook group for revision

Yes, done. I am not as regular as I could be, but I have at least sent out some.

Wear all my work/season appropriate shoes at least once, and charity-bag any I really can't face wearing on the basis that they are too uncomfortable

No. I have worn a lot of different shoes and earmarked one pair to get rid of, but I haven't worn them all.

Go to circuits at least four times...make that three, because there are only three Mondays left in May when circuits will run

Lack of car has made this impossible - by the time I walk to the leisure centre there'd be no need for me to do any more exercise. But I HAVE been to Zumba every week this month, except for the week I had governors and couldn't go.

Remove 10 books from the bookcase and send them to the used book man

This was really tough, because I cleaned out my bookshelf fairly recently and got rid of two boxes of books. But I managed it!

Tidy under the stairs

No. But I might try and do it this week.

Wash the living room curtains

Done. This annual event always involves picking little felted balls of cat hair off the curtains whilst they are drying on the line. FUN. But done for another year now.

Finish the endless blue jumper (all the knitting it done, I just need to stitch it together and weave in the ends)
Finish one other knitting project

Done and done! Blue jumper was finished in the first 10 days of the month, and then I finished the Versatility shrug/scarf thing, and I started and finished Hey Teach, and also picked up for one button band on the Central Park Hoody and finished it. I am pleased with my knitting achievements this month.

Get some pictures printed.

Ohhhhh yes. Definitely. In spades. I had well over 300 printed by Photobox and I have albumed up a lot of them and planned how to display the rest. This was a really fun task!

June goals coming up this week.

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