Tuesday 1 June 2010

FOs, weekend, overdue and LONG overdue

Weekend: Hey, Sugared Almonds!

Pattern: Hey Teach from Knitty (really, it was written in the stars I would knit this, since it was designed for a high school History teacher)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Worsted in Love Potion (Feb '10 ltd edn colour from Jimmy Beans), about 1m less than 3 skeins. It reminds me of tyhe sugared almonds my gran used to buy me at the Venetian Fete when I visited her in the summer holidays.
Needle: 5mm
Mods: I made the sleeves a little longer and did them in the round on 5.5mm DPNs, ostensibly to make them wider for my chubby arms but actually because I could only find 3 5mm DPNs (bah). I also did i-cord bind off on the neckline, and instead of the button band. You know I love an i-cord bind off, and it looks even better in variegated yarn.

The edges are not as wobbly as in the picture, I promise. I was just hasty in photographing it.

Instead of buttons I am using this buckle -

Poor picture, I know, but I took it up to the bead shop on Clifton Triangle today to get the missing rhinestones replaced and the very helpful woman is doing it for me and had kept it, so I had to crop one out of the big picture. I bought it at the Bristol Vintage Fashion Fair a couple of months back, and it is a really good match. I just need to work out how to attach it. I could sew it on, but I don't think it is washable and it would be difficult to remove when I did want to wash the garment. I am thinking velcro, but not sure how I would attach it without it showing. Hmm, hmm.....

Overdue: Eyelet cowl

Pattern: Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2009
Yarn: Colinette Art, 1 skein
Needle: 5.5mm
Mods: I knitted up a needle size and cast on 15 less stitches, to try and squeeze it out of one skein. I like the result a lot, though it's not as opulently cowlish as the one in the magazine. I also got this ribbon for it, instead of knitting an i-cord.
Really simple pattern and should have been superquick but, as usual, I was distracted by other things (this was meant to be worn whilst skiing).

Also, if I pull the ribbon tight and turn up the bottom, it make a good hat.

LONG overdue: Central Park Hoody button bands
Yes, a full 26 months after I officially FO'd the garment, I have finally picked up and knit the button bands. It was a fraught task, especially picking up with a 1.5mm needle and then doing P2togs on those stitches with a 5mm needle. But it is DONE. Now I just have to sew on 10 buttons...pictures when I do that (roughly 2012, if past experience is anything to go by).

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