Saturday 26 June 2010

Weeknote 26/6

This week, I have been mostly...

not much, tbh. I have lost my knitting mojo, and I can't seem to find it. I am assuming that this is due to general busy-ness.
I have put 3 more rows on the blue shawl, at least.

going to:
bed, as early as possible.
the curry shop in my NEW CAR! Yes, it finally arrived. Whoop whoop!

badly. We did have a relatively healthy BBQ tonight, though. Grilled aubergine, mmmm!

obsessed with:
The stats. I can look at the stats for my marking team a lot more easily than last year, thanks to the new PC and the slightly simpler user interface.
Whether my new car is going to arrive.
Google Teacher thingie. I got a place! So excited! I am now all over the twitter tag like a rash. I am trying to rein it in before people start to think I'm a freak.
Planning what to do on my holiday to Malaysia with Caroline in August. We're going to go and bathe with elephants. The waterproof camera will come in handy again!

entertained by:
Mary Queen of Shops. I love Mary Portas.
Ian (my HoD) being taught to walk in high heels to make a point at TD day about helping each other to learn new skills.
The football, a bit. Typically I fell asleep in the car on the way home on Wednesday and England scored. I am not intending to watch tomorrow, they seem to do better when I don't pay attention.
The plants. We've been trying to de-pest the veggie ones with washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle. The sweet peas and honeysuckle are running wild all over the garage. My lilies are about to open. I love it!

fed up about:
My colleagues moaning endlessly about wanting to see a change in school - and then moaning when we had a TD Day focused on bringing about this change. I was feeling so positive and it made me so angry I had to go away and make coffee. It got better after the coffee.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for a decision about the trip and who can attend. Management have 3 days, and then it will be the case that I can have a car shipped from Korea in less time than it takes them to make a decision.

Frantic and exhausted until I finally finished backreading my team for their first sample on Wednesday.
Frustrated today when I realised some of them have raced ahead but aren't maintaining the standard.
Incredulous, following the meeting between me, the head and the other conference organiser on Wednesday. It would be unprofessional of me to relate the events. But it was a bizarre meeting.
Over the moon because (a) Google teacher thingie place, (b) new car and (c) I managed to find a conference speaker with only a week to go! And she is an awesome choice.
Guilty, for not getting any exercise and taking 2 days off marking. Now I have to do more backreading to get people back into line. Le sigh.

But mostly, I am feeling very fortunate. This time last year I was doped up on morphine in a hospital bed, feeling very sorry for myself. It is nice to not be in that situation this year. It's about the same heat as last year, too, and being at home is far more pleasant.

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