Friday 18 June 2010

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things To Do On The Web

1. Twitter
I have not used this seriously, but since the Desire turned up with its special Peep app, I have become a little bit addicted. Tonight I attended a gifted and talented chat about science, it was extremely useful. And it is also helping me to stalk my fellow applicants for Google Teacher Academy. (My application video is here, btw)

2. Ravelry
The way the forum tells you when someone's replied to a message. The hours of time that can be whiled away looking at other people's projects. The ease with which I can find a pattern for 600m of dishcloth cotton. Casey, I salute you.

3. iGoogle
I am beyond gutted SWGfL has blocked https:// bits of Google. Whose der-brain idea was that, then? I shall be complaining and insisting school unblock it. How will I get my news headlines now? Not to mention my to-do list.

4. Google Maps
Fascinating stuff. I love looking at my family's homes and other places from above....yes, that is a bit odd, but oh well. I can spend hours doing it. I like street view too. I thought I got snapped by the street view camera in my car a few months ago, but evidently it wasn't recording at the time.

5. Blog, of course. DUR!

I've finished my meetings for the exam board now, ready to start marking. For the second year in a row my online stand. meeting went very smoothly. I am counting blessings: not many of the others did. I lead a charmed life, I think.

My new phone is making me oblivious. Yesterday I was waiting outside Notting Hill tube for Sib to turn up and take me for a gin, and I was emailing and listening to music, stood out of the way on the kerb; I became aware of someone squeezing round me but didn't pay much attention. Hey, it was London: it's quite normal capital behaviour.
Then I realised the free paper guys were lined up on the other side of the pavement watching, and I turned around to see 2 policemen searching a white van and its drivers. I was actually in their way.


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