Saturday 19 June 2010


It has happened as usual, that I have stumbled upon a new blog (or, in this case, restumbled upon an old blog) and then I want to steal all its ideas and make them my own. The blog in this case is this one about tech and productivity and the thing in question (and really I mean thingS because I pinched the monthly goals idea from him too, a bit, though I don't think "Sort out The Shoes" is quite the monthly goal he had in mind) is a weeknote.

TBF, he did pinch this from somewhere else, and I do think it will fit quite nicely on my blog, if I can keep up with it, because - as I remarked recently on a forum thread, sorry, yet another forum thread about what is your blog and what's it about (just sticky it FFS) - my blog is really just about me and I think I'm the one who most enjoys reading it, and weeknotes would help me to remember things what I have done.

I am quite liking the idea of categories. This week I have been mostly....

The pretty blue shawl. But I haven't done a lot of knitting since I got my new phone (see below) so it is not growing at the rate it should.
I should put a pic in here, but if I don't publish this now I'm bound to forget.

going to:
London, for pre-standardisation
Zumba, for endless giggling and lots of flavour

Krispy Kremes (tsk)
mushrooms and poached egg on toast. This seemed appealing, and it is. I needed something to fill the asparagus void.

obsessed with:
My new phone (it gets clouds on the display when it's cloudy)
Twitter. I followed my first Twitter chat on Friday night, it was awesome. Totally putting it in my action log at work, even though nobody ever reads it except me.
The plants. The blackfly on the plants. The progress of the cucumber. The wellbeing of the trillion basil seedlings.
Finding a maxi dress. Naturally, I found one just as it sold out in my size, online and in every concession and shop within bussing distance. I bought my second choice. I did find a smaller version of my first choice and am trying to console myself with the fact it was (a) very thin fabric and (b) not a very nice navy. I've never felt the need for a maxi dress before: even my wedding dress was cocktail length; but I am being tempted this summer.

entertained by:
The birds. The baby sparrows are doing flying practice from our fence to the neighbour's. The blue tits come and sit on the washing line and raid the pegs for spiders. Two pigeons came and procreated on the fence. Alright...the last one wasn't so great but the rest was.
Bill Bailey at Ashton Court, for really proper belly laughs. I must admit to never having seen Bill Bailey's stand up before. I was amused. I 'ears it, I thinks about it, I larfs.
Big Brother. I don't care, I love it. I love the changes in format this year. I love Josie, she is so Brizzle. I love Corin. I love the Tree. It is entertaining.

fed up about:
My car still not arriving, in spite of the dealership ringing me last Sunday to suggest it might arrive midweek.
The Luddite attitude of some of my fellow exam marking team leaders. Get over it: the exam board are not going back to real meetings because you whinge. You whinging just pisses me off and makes me determined to be even more merry sunshine on speed than on a regular day.
The exam board and their "haven't you read my mind?" attitude to perfectly reasonable questions.
Not having a life for a fortnight while I am standardising. This may be the root of my exam board woes.

Teh lethargy. Teh malaise. I haven't felt much like doing anything, truth be told. I don't feel like I'm looking forward to anything, which is I think what the problem is. My Principal Examiner asked me what I was spending my exam money on this year, reeling off a list of what I've saved for in previous years - holiday, wedding, new winter coat etc - and all I could come up with this year was a new garage roof. It's hardly the stuff of inspiring post-it notes on the monitor now, is it?

So, my aim for this week is to get my buzz back. It is the last full week before The Big Conference, and hopefully this year I will be there and not in hospital having my gall bladder removed, so I need to get everything finalised. Running a poorly-organised conference at Bath Uni would be one thing but no way am I going to Oxford underprepared.

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