Monday 2 August 2010

July Goals Round Up

Attend at least two staff enrichment week events in the last week of term (evening events planned all week by the Staff Happiness Action Group).
Although I only went to one, I did go out every other night that week except Monday when I had to mark, so that was a bit of a win at least.

Not get sunburn on the geology field trip next Sunday.
I did not. I layered on the cream the second the sun came out and wore my hooded t-shirt hood up with the drawstrings pulled and massive sunglasses. Tom said I was rocking the Cheryl Cole look. I was annoyed to get home and find my forearms very red but this I attribute to wind burn because it was completely gone by the next day.

Try at least three new things with my classes in the final weeks of term and blog about them on my shiny new work blog, so I have something to share at the learning community meeting at the end of term.
Yes, done. I taught in a pond. I jousted with nutella - or supervised it, anyway. I did MovieMaker timelines. I bunked the learning community meeting for a governors one....oops. But I am blogging it, at least.

Read up on teachmeets so I can try and organise one.
Yes, done. I am working out the organisation of it now. Mr Z is asking his head if we can host it there, and I am thinking about who to approach to speak. A fantastic by product of the Google thingie is that I am now in touch with local teachers who, though they didn't come to the training day, are still enthusiastic techies.

Finish a knitting project.
Not done. Not even the naughty squiddy! Embarrassed - and I call myself a knitter....

Write up the pattern instructions for my watermelon bag.
Not done. I just ran out of July.

Clean my make up brushes. This is long overdue.
Done. They really were filthy.

Use my gym membership at least three times.
I tried, but failed. I went to one spinning class. That spinning class therefore cost me £34. Must do better this month, though I'm going to be away.
I did at least go to Zumba as often as I could, which continues to be a hilarious amount of fun. I am concerned about my fitness and urgently want to get back to regular classes, especially spinning which is so good for my legs. My issue is, though, that the evening classes for spinning book up a week in advance and I am never organised enough to make it. But luckily they do an 8.15 class on a Saturday now....gulp.

Sort out the magazine pile by the bed and clean/tidy my dressing table.
Now, technically I didn't do either of these things but Mother Z, who comes and "does" for us every week or so, did my dressing table very early on in the month so that was good. It was such a nice thing to come home to.

It wasn't a bad job. I was caught on the hop a little this month because, thanks to my trip to London followed at speed by my trip to Sheffield, the last week passed in an eye's blink so all the things I thought would be easily completed just didn't happen.

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