Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tuesday Ten

I like reading the fantasy high street bit in Elle every month, so this week...

My Ten Favourite Shops

1. House of Fraser. I like department stores in general but House of Fraser just feels a little more organised than, say, Debenhams; and John Lewis is a pain to get to in Bristol.

2. Aldo. I love their shoes. Parpy Jo has observed: I can only buy two pairs of shoes from this shop at a time, never less.

3. Get Knitted, Bristol. For all my knitting needs! Plus a great knitting group, of course.

4. B Delicious, the Triangle, Bristol. Fab little bead shop who fixed also do courses on gluing crystals to things.

5. Manufactura, Prague. I think this is what it's called, anyway, after extensive Googling; one of them is opposite DKNY, just round the corner from where we stayed last week. I could spend literally hours in these shops. Wooden toys and puzzles, decorated eggs, bath products...

6. Ugetti, Bardonecchia, Italy. The best chocolate in the world. Take it from a connoisseur!

7. Boot Barn, Las Vegas. I like western wear, even if I can't quite get away with it in this country, but I can browse here for hours. I have a pair of red cowboy boots Father Hand bought me here in 2001 and they are still going strong.

8. Jimmy Beans, Reno, USA. Amazing yarn and such friendly people. It's not just the shop though, but also the shopping centre it's a part of: a great bead shop, a Borders, a Chilli's, great frozen yogurt...

9. Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Even though I don't like bartering, I can manage it here because I know if I can't argue them down enough the next stall will have the same thing. So many clothes! So much jerellery! And Chinatown just round the corner....fab.

10. Lush. Of course!

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