Wednesday 1 September 2010

August Goals Round Up

Unprecedented successes this month! I achieved all my goals, woo hoo!

Clear out under the stairs
Done. Every time I do this I throw out a little bit more junk, so it is getting to be a quicker and easier job.

Declutter my wardrobe/drawers and take the clothes that need it to be altered/mended to a tailor.
I quite enjoyed doing this again, even though it made me sneeze, lots. Mr Z allowed me to get rid of quite a lot of shirts that don't fit him and I gave up and put all the clothes that don't fit ME, which I can't bear to part with, in a vaccuum bag down the side of the wardrobe, so the wardrobe is now usable. I also got rid of 2 bin bags of clothes/bedding, and put another (albeit scant) binbag full in the recycling.
I am glad I did it. I would have sworn, for example, that I had 2 or 3 wearable pairs of tights in my drawer. A thorough inventory reveals there are actually 26 pairs in there. I am shamed.
The tailor has fixed my two ruined dresses, too. I had a little middle class guilt about paying somebody to do this for me but, hey, if she has the skills, why not?

Go through my make up drawers and throw some old stuff out.
Done! And I labelled all the lids of my Fluidlines with tippex, too, so I don't spend hours trying to find the one I want.

Knit something. Anything!
I am doing well with the sparkly hat. After having to frog it twice, I finally figured out the right number of stitches and I've now completed about two thirds of it. I'm into the slower cabelling of the crown now, and since it's going to be long and slouchy, it may take a while to finish. But at least I am back into it now.

Inventory/photograph my buttons and buckles stash on Ravelry.
Done. This was lots of fun! Taught me a lot about the macro functions of my camera. The pictures are on my Flickr if you would like to have a nosy.

Clean the cutlery drawer, which is looking a bit grubby, and clean out the old cutlery drawers so I can throw one away.
Done. And I did the fridge door too. Get me, being domesticated.

Have winter coats cleaned (or wash them myself if I can) and sew the button back onto the blue one.
And in the process I discovered that both my winter coats can go in the machine.

Set up my work blog on my new domain.
Make a clear plan for next year with long-term goals so I know what to work towards and track my efforts properly.
Done and done! I have posted my work goals on my work blog, too.

Draw up an exercise program and get started on it in the final week of the month so I am set up to continue when school starts again.
I have been getting back on the exercise track this month. I have been spinning, and to circuits, and of course to Zumba. However, with a ski course requiring me to ski hard for 6 hours a day looming, I decided it needed a little more than that, especially since I find my motivation to exercise usually slips some time towards the end of October; so I am in talks with a local personal trainer. More on that as it pans out, I'm sure.

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