Wednesday 1 September 2010

Goals for September

  • Finish knitting something - I intend this to be the sparkly hat
  • Have a initial consultation with personal trainer lady
  • Clear yarn mountain from between the arm chairs
  • Cut back all dead plants ready for winter (this is one for the end of the month, really)
  • Consolidate the four boxes of stuff on the office shelves into three (or less) boxes
  • Pack up and post this secret swap gift I have been putting together for, oooh, a month. I am the worst secret swap partner ever
  • Post Father Hand Viz and a birthday card
  • Something worky...hum, hum....OK. Clear out and consolidate worksheets/paper pertaining to at least four units of work, from my overstuffed and long-suffering filing cabinet. This might not make much sense, but I get it
  • Complete my Google map of the Oregon trail, with online quizzes to accompany it for homeworks
  • Be in bed by 11pm on a school night, 80% of the time

And I think that will do!

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