Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Simple Pleasures

1. Enjoying a moment in the morning with the mitten, who sleeps on the front doormat overnight at the moment and rewards me with a purr when I come downstairs and pet her.

2. Lemon squash made with fizzy water. It adds a little something, I think.

3. New knitting magazine. It's calling me!

4. Fresh flowers on my desk. After managing a brunch with Parpy Jo for the first time in months on Sunday, I treated myself to some pink roses.

5. Kids being nice. One of my year 10s showed me how to throw a rugby ball with a spin on it today. Of course, then he stayed outside throwing it for so long I had to keep him at lunchtime...but still.

6. Compliments from colleagues you haven't worked with yet. The principal examiner for my paper is changing, and sent round an email asking who would be interested in the January series. In response to my reply, I received this comment: "You come highly recommended and you must have amazing powers of organisation and dedication." What a nice thing to hear!

7. Not having to blow dry my hair. I thought the Brazilian Blowdry was wearing off, but apparently not. The longer it lasts, the more tempted I am to fork out for it again.

8. Leaves turning. I can see the colours starting to change.

9. Getting an X on a double letter score going in two directions and winning a Scrabble game. Even better if it's on a triple letter score.

10. Being in bed by 10.30. Which is my cue....!

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