Friday 24 September 2010

Weekword/Fave Friday Mashup

Allie in Londonland picked this week's word: comfort.

Five Favourite Comfy Clothings

1. My red fleecey trousers. I bought these in Bugle Boy when I was living in Vegas, in 2000, and they really should have gone for ragging now, but there is no way I can get rid of them. They have a small shiny patch on them from where I caught them with the end of a cigarette once, when I used to wear them outside; and the folded over waist band has come unstitched to reveal the cord most of the way around; but they are the warmest, snuggliest things EVER. In the winter they go on almost as soon as I get in, usually under whatever dress/skirt I have been wearing.
Unfortunately, all fleecey loungewear these days seems to be in pastels, or neutrals. I am not a pastels/neautrals person. I will keep looking.

2. Duvet Duck Slippers. I never wore slippers, until I got a pair of these. Like mini foot duvets. Genius.

3. M&S Faux Uggs. I know they are bad for my feet, but they have not collapsed the way real Uggs seem to. However, my mission this winter is to find a more supportive pair of boots that are just as comfortable.

4. Big Purple Treasure Island jacket. Another thing which has lasted since Vegas: Frankie (Father Hand's woman) gave me this when I was living there. It is a quarter zip pullover affair and I sometimes wear it skiing; but it is my go-to jacket if I am going to work and it is tipping it down and blowing a gale.

5. Ancient Cotton Traders jumper. This was once Mother Hand's but it is HOOGE. It has definitely grown over time. It's a heavy cotton knit, navy with a US flag on the front. Carol Smilie used to wear one of Changing Rooms. The side seams have split from the underarms on both sides and I haven't been bothered to stitch them up; but this goes on over the red fleecey trousers on days when I need to feel cozy quickly.

That last once was a toss up between the jumper and an even older C&A man's cardigan that used to be Father Hand's. I appropriated it when he hopped the pond, reasoning that he had no need of it as a desert dweller. However, the cardigan makes me sneeze when I put it on again after a while, so the jumper wins. Funny, though, that I thought of parental cast offs first. I have the snuggliest, warmest woollen cardigan I knitted myself but I didn't even think of that until now. That's got to be something pyschological.

Allie picked a good word this week; today it has finally got chilly. The rest of the week has felt very muggy to me and I have spent the days sweating in my classroom, but today, finally, there was no need to throw open all the windows and I had my first Take-off-your-coat/But-it's-cold-in-here tete a tete with a pupil. I actually regretted not wearing a coat to work myself. Bring on the winter! And the clock change: never are the dark mornings more unwelcome than in these last months of BST.

If you want to participate in Weekword, browse on over to Domestic Scribbles who is ahead of the curve and has already picked the word for next week!

And a big thank you for the comments in the last few weeks. I am not very good at commenting back, but it is on my to do list.


Unknown said...

OK, now you've made me want duvet slippers!

Sally said...

You need them in your life, Aber! I am onto my second pair :)

V said...

My daughters and I heartily approve of your Big Purple Treasure Island Jacket (and they would be skating around the house in duvet duck slippers with their brothers if I let them!).