Tuesday 10 August 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten new things since last week

1. Visited Sri Lanka. Wasn't there long enough to get a phone signal, and quite disappointed to discover it's not in the southern hemisphere, but it looked good from the plane window.

2. Turned 32.

3. Visited a Malaysian comedy club. Some of the cultural refs were a bit over my head but it was still mostly very funny, especially Douglas Lim singing I am yellow to the tune of Halo. I will try to find this on YouTube when I have a proper computer again.

4. Swam in an infinity pool, at Thistle Resort, Port Dickson. Very cool. We saw millions of tiny crabs on the beach, too.

5. Eaten roti chana for breakfast. It's a kind of flat bread. V tasty.

6. Had a fish pedicure. Doctor fish eat the hard skin office your feet. It's quite pleasant, a bit like tiny sucking pumices.

7. Rode on an elephant, and fed it peanuts. I stopped short of swimming with it, though, since it climbed into the river and promptly had a poo the size of my thigh. I came away with a t shirt that proclaims "Fat is Beautiful" which I shall wear to the gym in an ironic manner.

8. Used the widest variety of mossie repellants ever. Spray, wipe, balm, stick, citronella candle, sticky clothes patch....I was bitten 7 times in the first two days but, fingers crossed, not since.

9. Purchased some beautiful Chinese buttons which remind me of quilling. I went to sleep last night imagining garments for them.

10. Written a whole blog post on my phone! Which, I hope, explains the lack of pictures.
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