Saturday 15 October 2011

Of Apples and Chutney

I wasn't going to make chutney this year, because last year's apple chutney wasn't especially nice and I hadn't eaten any of it.

But then two things happened. Firstly, I made mango chutney (which is not season-specific) and remembered how much I enjoyed it, and how much Mr Z loves the way the house smells when it is doused in evaporated vinegar (his other favourite scents include petrol). Secondly, I came across a slow cooker recipe for pork chops which includes chutney and has become a favourite with both of us, and suddenly more chutney became necessary.

So, I got some plums from the deputy head at work, and some apples from my personal trainer, and I started looking for recipes. Here's what I came up with - Spicy Apple & Walnut Chutney, and Spicy Plum & Apple Chutney. Sensing a theme here? I think what I learned from last year's chutney making efforts was that apples need a lot of additional ingredients to make a good chutney; they are at least different types of spicy - the former, mustard; the latter, star anise and cinnamon.

Of course, I don't know how they taste yet. Damn maturing period.

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