Tuesday 11 October 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Thoughts For The Day

1. Does my car have, "Please pull out in front of me: I brake for morons" painted on the front of it today?
2. I can't think of much I'd less like to do than spend this hour in detention going over old ground because you couldn't be bothered to do the work in the first place.
3. When is Spinning going to get easier?
4. Every week, I become more convinced that my theory about you is correct, but I hope I am suffering from an over-active imagination.
5. I haven't enjoyed teaching a group this much for ages!
6. I wish I'd been in this man's shoes - geology in action!
7. What made this pirated ship so much more important than all the others? Hmmm?
8. I wish I was disciplined enough that I could say, "I'm going to bed now and I'll get up half an hour early tomorrow to mark these last 3 essays," and actually do it. In reality, I'll go to bed, sleep until normal time, and disappoint 3 kids tomorrow.
9. How did that end-of-January deadline suddenly morph into end-of-November? Do you think I am in possession of superhuman ability?
10. I wonder, if I was a superhero and my superpower was that I never needed to sleep, whether I would miss sleep.

Feeling whiny, evidently (and full of questions). I actually wanted to make my list "10 blog posts I want to write but don't have time for" but then, that might have spoiled future blog entries.

Still. Only a week left until half term. Woop woop.

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